Connecting Optingun with MediaPost

Capturing leads is very simple and effective with Optingun, create forms in minutes and convert your traffic into leads, add them to marketing funnels automatically.

We have a new integration for email marketing, MediaPost is a company that offers good services at affordable prices, we now have quick integration with them, it doesnt take more than a minute to connect your website traffic to MediaPost, and you dont need any coding skills to connect ūüôā

If you are operating business in Brazil, and thinking of converting your website traffic into leads, connect them with your email marketing, then Optingun + MediaPost combination helps you grow better.

MediaPost has API, but they are bit tricky, currently you need to write to their support to enable your API access and to get keys for API usage.

The 4 API keys from MediaPost

You get the below 4 keys on your API activation from support team.

#1 Consumer Key

#2 Consumer Secret

#3 Token

#4 Token Secret

Connecting MediaPost API

These four keys are required for connecting MediaPost API, once you have them put them in the Optingun API section and save them.

Integrating Forms with MediaPost lists

After saving these 4 with proper keys, you will be able to access API, now go to your forms and Integrations section and select the newsletter software as MediaPost, you will get available lists from your MediaPost account if your API keys are correct, on entering wrong keys you get error.

Select the list you want to add users to and save the form, click Add Integration button after selecting the list, so leads captured from this form will be sent to selected list in MediaPost.

Your traffic will now be converted into leads in MediaPost, leads captured using Optingun forms on your websites will be sent to MediaPost and your followup emails fire-up from there to pull sales up.

If you need any help further with this integration, please contact support


Adding tags to contacts in AWeber


AWeber introduced tags in their API which allows you to attach tags to your contacts while adding using their API, you can add multiple tags for a contact.

Why you need AWeber tags?

Tags are simple way to segment lists, lets say you are collecting subscribers this year and you can attach a tag to them as “2017” so you can segment these any time without messing around lists.

With Optingun, adding tags is absolutely simple, mention as many tags you want.

For example “2017,newleads,subscribers“, you are allowed to put multiple tags separated by comma(,) in the same line so all those are processed for the contacts captured.


In the integrations tab when you select AWeber as your mailing partner, you get a new field for tags along with list selection as in the below picture

aweber contact tags screenshot
Adding tags to contacts of AWeber


That’s all from your side ūüôā Optingun takes care of ¬†everything, please create your FREE ACCOUNT if you don’t have Optingun account yet.

How social-optins help businesses grow their subscriber list?

For any size company its very important to have audience, when you launch a new product or service, first thing you would do is fire out newsletters, social optins help you reach better deliverability in building subscriber list.

Now, if you have a website, you probably know how to convert your website visitors as subscribers to your newsletters, make some flashing bars, add popup forms, exit-intent forms and a lot of stuff to collect email addresses but the truth is visitors already know what business do by collecting emails and they are bored of regular form-filling subscriptions.

What you could do? there is another trick, instead of displaying a form and asking them to put their name and email directly, you could engage with them by asking a simple question with Yes-NO buttons below , and if they click YES then you can bring up a form to fill or redirect them to a different page based on their answer.

Sounds good? but the problem isnt solved yet, the next problem is with visitors

#1 many visitors find it hard to enter their name and email ID every time with the forms
#2 there are few people who enter fake email IDs so your emails will never reach them

With Optingun¬†we are solving these problems we integrated social-optins, we are first in this industry to implement this mechanism to help businesses grow in real paths, allowing visitors to signup/subscribe using their Facebook/Google account, since visitors¬†don’t have to type anything its easy for them to subscribe, its all in matter of 2 clicks- just that simple.

What about website owner? do they need to create Facebook,Google apps to use Optingun social-optins?

No, no need to setup any apps for this, Optingun works just with its own Apps & access to serve you your visitors email IDs.

And with this, fake email ID problem also solved, you get 100% authentic emails which increases your delivery rates and as you reach to the real emails, you get more sales & customers.


To see how this social optin works, please check our demo page here, we setup a basic demo form for you to understand this new mechanism.



Optingun meets MadMimi : Sending subscribers form Optingun to MadMimi

Its lovely to see emails going to email-marketing list form your website and very amazing to see them paying for your services, this isnt that happy job unless you figure out a programmer to code this integration between your website to your MadMimi account, it takes hours of time to code and you need to keep an eye on this incase if anything changes in the API, it breaks.

Optingun helps to solve this problem, connecting your website leads to almost any Email marketing software, lets see how this works with MadMimi. If you didn’t know, MadMimi is an email marketing company with simple user interface and great email builder to help you reach more conversions.

If you are planning to convert website visitors into subscribers then best way is to have customer engagement forms in your websites like popup forms, timer integrated forms head bars etc and Optingun does this job effectively than any other using our Social Optin concept, allowing website visitors to signup using their facebook/google account and keeping the process to absolute simple level and all this easy-process results in list building, more people signup when the process is simple.

After collecting email ID from visitors we put them into MadMimi with very little effort form your side, all you need is picking your API keys from MadMimi dashboard and this is how you do it,the whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to setup.

#1 Collect API Key and user email

For any APP to work with your account, you need to save your API key, with MadMimi the procedure is almost the same, you need API key and the account username or email ID, these two are used for authentication purpose on each API call, you can get your API key and userID/email ID from Account page of MadMimi


#2 Save the API key and username/email ID in Optingun API settings.

You need to save those settings in your Optingun API settings page so everytime you receive a subscriber, they are sent to MadMini for further followups. You can save these by going here in Optingun Dashboard  API settings


By this your connection establishment is completed form Optingun to MadMimi
#3 Add or Update your forms integration with MadMimi by Selecting the List

Now you can save this configuration to any lead form, you don’t need any apps or coding for this.

Just go to edit page of that form and and select the Mailing APP MadMimi from the App list, choosing the Madmimi fetches all the lists ready and send them here for easy integration, so your job is to just select and click Add Integration rule button,

You are ready to Rock, you visitors capture by this form will go to MadMimi list automatically for next followup newsletters.


Write us if you have any trouble integrating.



Connecting Optin forms with ZOHO Campaigns

In business you need to use a lot of tools and process data across different software and platforms to make things easy, but the process itself isn’t really easy with out ZOHO¬†products, they offer a complete line up of business requirements from Accounting, HR, Email marketing, support systems and even Campaign management.

ZOHO Campaigns let you create campaigns that really work, drive traffic or generate leads and connect with auto-responders and etc,.

ZOHO offers everything as single well integrated package so every ZOHO software works with other ZOHO software seamlessly, helping managers to feel easy and quick to solve problems in their day to day jobs.

But its not really that easy yet, there are businesses/individuals who use other tools which offer better features than ZOHO campaigns for capturing leads, but still want to use ZOHO other products, so there is need for integration between existing lead capture systems and ZOHO campaigns, unfortunately very few lead capture softwares support ZOHO, for example if you are using HelloBar and want to put those leads to ZOHO Campaigns – you simply can not do that unless you sit and code the integration.

Optingun solves this gap by offering a pre-coded integrtion between Optingun and ZOHO Campaigns, so every lead captured on your WordPress blogs and other websites can be put into ZOHO and it takes off from there.


How to create API connection between ZOHO and Optingun?

Its simple, to work with ZOHO Campaigns API, you need to do 4 steps that are explained below


#1 Collecting ZOHO API Key:  you need to provide API key for authenticating with ZOHO API, API key can be found here Settings > Developer Space.

If this is your first time then your API key isnt ready yet, click get API Key button to create a new API Key, this Key is a private one and you are suggested to not share this with anyone.

Once you click Create API key button, you will get a Key and copy that for saving into Optingun


#2 Collecting ZOHO List ID :¬†All the contacts are grouped into different lists there, so to add any subscriber, a List is required and every list in ZOHO will have its own unique ID representing that list for API operations, to get the ID of your contact list in ZOHO, ¬†go to “List Management” and click on the list that you want to add subscribers to and go to the last tab “List Tools”, you will see some thing like in the below screenshot and copy that List ID to configure in Optingun.


#3 Saving ZOHO APi key in Optingun : Now remaining part is in Optingun, go to Optingun Dashboard and API Configuration put your ZOHO API key in the ZOHO API Key field, save the settings- API connection is completed.


#4 Setting list ID in Optin Form : Now go to the Optin form that you want to connect leads to ZOHO, edit that Optin form, go to Integrations tab in the left side panel, select Integration ZOHO from the select box, when you select ZOHO a new field will appear just beneath asking to enter ZOHO List ID, put the List ID you copied form ZOHO here and click Add Integration button and save the Form back.


Thats all, your website traffic is now converted into leads using Optingun’s exit intent forms and social signups so more people are subscribed and all those leads are safely and automatically get¬†added to ZOHO Campaigns.


Let us know if you need any help on integration your Form with ZOHO Campaigns.