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How to Make your Lead Capture Form appear only on selected webpages in 5 Quick Steps

Some times you just need your Lead Capture form appear only in specific pages.

If you are running a campaign and have few landing pages setup, you might only want to show Lead Capture form on those pages for the campaigns.

This helps you to target specific customers, who read certain content or who are looking for certain services on your webpages.

Its easy to create amazing Lead Capture forms with Optingun, Its much easier to configure and control the behaviour of those forms.

Here are 5 quick and easy steps to setup your form appear only on specific pages.

Step #1 Go to Your Form : Create your Optingun Form or Edit your Existing Form

Step #2 Navigate to Settings : Go to “Settings > When to Open” by clicking the settings icon on top right from your Form creating/editing page and scroll down the settings tab to see “Page Level Filtering” section



Step #3 Disable “Show on all pages”(default Setting) : Go to “Show this form on all pages of your website” and disable this(switch off the toggle), so your form wont appear on all pages, this is enabled by default.



Step #4 Set where to Display : Now go to “Show this form on webpages if URL exactly matches to”, enable this(switch on the toggle) and put your page URLs in the text filed there, if you have more than one URL to show then add all those URLs in the same field separated by comma

For Example :,,



Step #5 Save your Form : After you are done with your changes, save your form and your changes will reflect on your pages instantly.


You are done. Optingun forms are in your complete control.