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Adding tags to contacts in AWeber


AWeber introduced tags in their API which allows you to attach tags to your contacts while adding using their API, you can add multiple tags for a contact.

Why you need AWeber tags?

Tags are simple way to segment lists, lets say you are collecting subscribers this year and you can attach a tag to them as “2017” so you can segment these any time without messing around lists.

With Optingun, adding tags is absolutely simple, mention as many tags you want.

For example “2017,newleads,subscribers“, you are allowed to put multiple tags separated by comma(,) in the same line so all those are processed for the contacts captured.


In the integrations tab when you select AWeber as your mailing partner, you get a new field for tags along with list selection as in the below picture

aweber contact tags screenshot
Adding tags to contacts of AWeber


That’s all from your side 🙂 Optingun takes care of  everything, please create your FREE ACCOUNT if you don’t have Optingun account yet.