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Automating Comments

Why Comments are important?

Comments/Reiews/Feedback are the major proof for your new customers to know how good your products/services are.


What is with Comments to Automate?

feedgun offers various integrations that run automatically with every new comment that comes into the line, here are some examples what you could do with our automation

  • Add users who spend time to give comments on your website to an email campaign or followup sequence – no coding required
  • Pull comments from facebook pages, WordPress sites, Disqus accounts and even YouTube videos easily with out any efforts or coding
  • Send HTTP notifications on receiving comments to third party apps, so everything is ready to listen and connect you
  •  Filter the best comments automatically and show them on top of the list

and what not, try and turn your feedbacks to your next sales weapon.


Why feedgun?

feedgun is the only comment hosting platform with automated integrations, capable of importing comments from major publishing platforms and feedgun is capable of publishing the received comments on any webpage.


Can I moderate Comments in feedgun?

Yes, you can moderate everything related your feedback here in feedgun dashboard, and one place to all your publishing needs.


I use WordPress, will this work for me?

Yes, feedgun widgets are simple plain HTML codes which are embedded to any virtual webpage.


Wow Im interested, where is the registration page?

Here it is, start experiencing the magic – join feedgun, get your free account now.