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Biz Automation – Capture leads on your website and connect them to Mautic automatically

Most business owners love Mautic…

Most business run on Mautic…

Why Mautic?

Because its self hosted, open source, and free to use.

Mautic is self-hosted, that means your software and data(including the leads and emails) are inside your server, no others have access to your valuable data.

Its Open-source, that means you can change the code the way you want.

Finally its free, and makes you free of recurring payments.

Mautic has decent community as well, so getting support for your questions isn’t a pain(though its as big as WordPress, not even close)

Only Problem is that Mautic doesn’t have a lot of quick integrations with other software.

For example if you take lead capturing, there are very very few which connect to Mautic.

Does Optingun Connect with Mautic?

Optingun is happy to announce that we connect with Mautic

You can send leads to your Mautic account and automate the email flow, it only takes 3 minutes to connect using our quick Integration.

If you are a new user and want to grow your business in automated way, you can use Optingun for Free and connect to your Mautic account

If you are an existing Optingun user, you can just go to your forms, and add integration with Mautic.

How to connect Mautic & Optingun Forms?

Here is a quick article on Connecting Optingun and Mautic, here is a video tutorial for the same