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Capture quality Leads – Reach to real audience

You are doing it wrong, yes most cases you send your newsletters, offer email to people who never open your emails.

All the email addresses in your subscriber list are captured on your website but still people don’t read your emails, you know why?

Your mail open rate is not more than 30-40%, you know why? you send email to 1000 people and only 400 people opened it, meaning you are wasting 60% of your marketing effort.

When I say ‘marketing effort’, Im not just about money spent for sending emails, reaching your audience in right time is crucial.

Imagine, you are sending offer about a live event or webinar and they open your email after 4 days – event over. 🙁

If you are an affiliate marketer sending Christmas offers to your subscribers, and they open your emails next week- offers expired and your reputation too expiring 🙁

So whats the way to make people open emails ASAP?

Thats not in our hands TBH, but there are some practices&tips to send emails that attract visitors to open them.

Write compelling subjects, clear and clean content, do not spam.

Is that all? No, if you follow good practices then you are good email writer, not that people open your emails always. You need to reach them the places where they are active.

People these days have more than one email address but they are not actively checking all email accounts.

Emails connected to social media accounts are actively used, and if you send your emails to those addresses, your chance of getting read is high, almost 200%.

How do you capture email addresses of social accounts?

If you use normal signup forms, people fill their unused email addresses in your forms and skip through your forms, and you endup sending emails to those addresses.

Also typing in normal forms is something people hate and thats why most people exit your site after they see a form blocking them to subscribe.

You loose people even though they are interested because of this typing hassle, people are so comfortable in their phones with taps, they like to click/tap a button, not to type name and email.

So to solve this problem we have come up with one click solution, your visitors click a button, Google or Facebook or LinkedIn, and our forms will collect their name and email from their social account.

Just one click, subscribed.

Friction free and you get most actively used email address, helping you collect more leads and achieve more opening rate.

See how all this works, it takes only 5 mins to try, everything works on its own, no api keys, no code, no problems. Learn more here