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Connecting Optingun with MediaPost

Capturing leads is very simple and effective with Optingun, create forms in minutes and convert your traffic into leads, add them to marketing funnels automatically.

We have a new integration for email marketing, MediaPost is a company that offers good services at affordable prices, we now have quick integration with them, it doesnt take more than a minute to connect your website traffic to MediaPost, and you dont need any coding skills to connect 🙂

If you are operating business in Brazil, and thinking of converting your website traffic into leads, connect them with your email marketing, then Optingun + MediaPost combination helps you grow better.

MediaPost has API, but they are bit tricky, currently you need to write to their support to enable your API access and to get keys for API usage.

The 4 API keys from MediaPost

You get the below 4 keys on your API activation from support team.

#1 Consumer Key

#2 Consumer Secret

#3 Token

#4 Token Secret

Connecting MediaPost API

These four keys are required for connecting MediaPost API, once you have them put them in the Optingun API section and save them.

Integrating Forms with MediaPost lists

After saving these 4 with proper keys, you will be able to access API, now go to your forms and Integrations section and select the newsletter software as MediaPost, you will get available lists from your MediaPost account if your API keys are correct, on entering wrong keys you get error.

Select the list you want to add users to and save the form, click Add Integration button after selecting the list, so leads captured from this form will be sent to selected list in MediaPost.

Your traffic will now be converted into leads in MediaPost, leads captured using Optingun forms on your websites will be sent to MediaPost and your followup emails fire-up from there to pull sales up.

If you need any help further with this integration, please contact support