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Content Locking Vs Lead Capture – 7 tips to boost email subscribers

If you are in Online business you know what is lead capture process and how important it is for business growth, and when you try for serious email list building.
You might have got this idea “Content Locking” and many others use this on their sites.

When you have some great content on your website/blogs you can actually allow users to read a some content and then stop them reading more of that content by bringing up a popup and forcing them to subscribe to continue reading

Popups are Frustrating 🙁

Yes, popups are frustrating and people tend to leave websites most of the time when they see popups covering content of the screen and forcing to signup, this is a bad result and chances of signups are very low

BUT – It works with great content 🙂

Correct, if you have great content that adds value to customers for spending their time on your blog, if your content is informative, if your content is interesting your visitors, then content blocking popups will result more than 250% growth in subscriptions.
Focus on creating great content will get you results, make sure you have the right information for your followers and with few tips in presenting your content you can boost conversions to next level.

7 Tips in creating content to locking forms

#1 Add Value to Customers – You need to be mindful of the visitors efforts and time in reading your articles, and you must present some informative content than just text and images that makes barely any meaning

#2 Lean & Clean – prefer simple content than writing fat stories, using images to present your content is a good idea but finding the right image to represent your content or creating one that fits your article is pain

#3 Put most inspiring content on Top – Take your time to organize the content in your article, place the best content on above-the-fold(which appears first on screen without scrolling) area

#4 Use scroll firing popups than delayed ones – People usually bring popups after 10 seconds of page load assuming that visitors read the content in that time, but this may not work, instead use popups which will open on scrolling certain pixels so when visitors are interested in your article they scroll down for more content, bringing the popup then will get you more conversions

#5 Keep Close Button on Popup – Many choose popups with no close button as their content lockers, but this will cause people to leave than signup, instead keep the close button and when they click close button, redirect them to a different page/post which might interest them to signup than just letting visitors go away

#6 Re-target – You can display different forms with different text based on their visits, checkout Optingun to see how you can do this, displaying the same form on every time may not create interest

Put some text related to their previous visit for example ask “How did you like your last read on article A?” or “We have new article B related to your last read article A, would you like to >>read<< this?” this will alarm user that you are caring to serve them best content and that results

#7 Reduce Friction in forms – Use only required fields on your forms, if your purpose is just to send some newsletters about your updates then asking visitors to enter their address makes no sense

Keep the fields minimum and use simple text with pleasant graphics and form colors, to reduce friction you can try our smart-forms or Social Optins where the whole signup process is just in a click.

These seven tips will help you grow your email subscribers and lead to business growth and I hope you benefit form these.