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Block specific emails, allow only business emails on your lead forms

How to Block Specific Email Domains on your Lead Forms

When you are building leads for your business, main problem you would face is that visitors fill their least used emails.

You are most likely to receive free-domain emails(like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) and for serious business builders these emails in the list are a bad thing.

If you are selling products or services to other business/companies, chances are that your prospects will have their own official domain emails like which they use most.

You want their official emails, not the free-domain emails.

Optingun helps you do it with no efforts, Optingun forms have option to block specific domains.

If you don’t want gmail emails then block on your form, don’t want yahoo? then just add it to block list and your visitors wont be allowed to signup with the blocked domains.

How easy is this with Optingun?

When you are creating new form or editing an existing form in Optingun, go to Settings > General Settings

There you will see option to block specific domains from submitting the form.

Enable the Toggle and Enter the domains that you want to block separated with comma(,) and save the form

If anybody try to signup on this form with the blocked domain email, they get a warning message asking them to enter their official email ID.

You can also check the same in this quick 1 min video

Thats how simple it is with Optingun to block emails from specific domains and grow your business with just the right leads.