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How to build Audience

Hello Everyone,

If you are a business or startup then you probably know how embarrassing it feels to have no one to listen to you and about your product when you head to launch your product.


Many confuse the difference between audience and visitors, businesses spend huge money in advertising and pulling traffic from other ad services, but your visitors are not your audience, visitors are reaching your website because they saw your ad or they searched for thing else and landed on your website.


Audience are different, people who visit your website with their own interest are your real army, I know it sounds hard to create interest for others right away, but its possible and doable. If you are an online business there are people who come to see you even if they dont user your products or services, and they send their time to join you listen you and follow you.


Common reason people visit websites is to know whats happening with you or around your products, and the secret is simple, More you teach them about your domain or area of work, the more audience you get. Dont be worried on teaching/writing a blog post on how your technology works because this is what interests real people, fancy covers, ads, banners just attract visitors costing you money, but rich content connects you with Audience and they come back again and again for more.


You could use an Optin software to convert your visitors as subscribers, customers and engage with them, but building audience is in what you share with the world, so if you have a hundred members waiting for your next launch, you dont need any ad because you are already out via your real army.


Start writing publishing blog posts or publishing videos that area really useful for others and create value in their return to see you and follow you for a really long run.

Happy Publishing.