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How to build Social Following for your company



For any Company/Brand/Organisation/Business social following is very important because it is the place where modern word spend more time in, it is the place where news is spread instantly over the world, it is the place where people connect over-seas.

But building your social followers isnt as easy as creating social accounts like facebook,twitter etc,.

You need to stay in touch with your followers, keep them engaged and you have to build channels from your other traffic sources like web sites to your social profiles so people get to see you then follow you.

What are the ways of pulling website visitors to Social profiles and Converting them as followers?

If you are using WordPress as your website software then you have a lot of plugins to create social action buttons like “Facebook Like”, “Twitter Follow”, “YouTube Subscribe” etc but again people respond more to dynamic content than static action button that load into website when webpage loads into browser.

Dynamic content is some thing that happens based on user actions, for example displaying Share buttons when users scroll to bottom of the page, so visitors feel more like interacting and show interest to take social actions on your channels.

You can also add an exit-popup which will display a form when visitors attempt to leave your website, with share actions and subscribe option.

Another way is adding a social-bar that dynamically appears on your webpages with all the social options so people can interact with it anytime they want on any page.

It may take hours of efforts if you know programming to build these, or you may have to hire a programmer to build and to manage these frequently which is pain in the pocket – we solve this problem with our software Optingun which helps you to create any kind of Popup or signup form or conversational dialog or even social optins using Facebook & Google with out any coding and we also provide analytics on how your forms are performing and chance to apply variations and do A/B tests to decide which one works.

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