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Show or Hide Close Button in Popup Forms

A well optimized Popup is great in capturing emails but there are a lot of other factors which will result in negative way

Displaying Popup very frequently or asking too much of information or adding text that is hard to read/understand or even having popups that are not mobile responsive will cause a big drop in conversions and also the time spent on website.

Hiding Close button in the Form

This is a technique used for building emails quickly but it works only with great content, when you bring popups while visitors are on your site and forcing them to signup, most visitors prefer to close it and continue reading on your website.

When you hide close button, visitors are left with no choice, either to signup and continue or to leave the website and unfortunately many choose to leave – clicking close button is easy for them than typing name and email 🙂

So its good to keep close button visible on your forms,  you can actually engage them in a different way, you can send them to a different page when they click close button on your popup

That way you can send them to some other article and hopefully convince them to signup.

Will adding a redirect on close button click work?

In our experience, YES

We have seen our customers engaging with their visitors in better way and bulking their signups by earning visitor interests.

Giving one last chance for them to like your content will always works and its better to keep them on second page than missing them on first page itself – something is better than nothing.

All Optingun forms have option to set a redirect on click of close button, and all these forms will display properly in every device so user experience is best at every scale.

So, for better conversions keep the close button on your forms and make sure your forms are mobile responsive and displaying close button properly in mobile devices, and with our experience sending visitors to a different page on click of Close Button will always give results.