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Optingun Integration with ActiveCampaign CX App
Optingun is natively integrated from within ActiveCampaign, our new CX App is available in app marketplace, connecting and integrating with it, building new automations is simple now.
Steps involved in this are listed below
  1. Install our App
  2. Connect Optingun and create resources
  3. Create automations

1. App Installation - Login to your ActiveCampaign account, and click on App icon from left menu bar, you are taken to apps marketplace page, from there search for Optingun using the searchbar on top-right corner.

2. Now click on the Optingun app, and click "Connect Account" button from top-right corner, this step will authorize your ActiveCampaign account to communicate with Optingun for the necessary actions further.

You need API keys for this, you can find those in your Optingun account, login to Optingun and navigate to Dashboard > App Integrations, scroll down and you will see your API keys, copy these and save into CX App in above step.

Once you click Connect, you will be taken to next step where you need to select a Form to integrate, these are called resources in ActiveCampaign. If you dont have any forms within Optingun yet, go ahead and create one and continue with form selection here. The form selected here will be submitting leads to this automation later.

And once the form is selected, next step is field mapping, in your Optingun form that you selected, you will have fields that users input data, those fields need to be connected with the fields with in ActiveCampaign system, so the email goes to email field, name goes to name and same for phone and other fields from Optingun. In this step you will need to help the CX APP match the fields, connecting each field present in your form with fields of Active campaign, just select the matches and continue to next steps.

If you have completed the process exactly, then you will see a new resources created and listed as this

3. Create automation: everything is ready and go to Automations, create or edit existing. Click on Add Trigger on your automation flow, Optingun is an inbound app where information is passed from Optingun to ActiveCampaign.

Go to CX App tab and choose the Optingun form-resource that you want to add.

Click Add and your input trigger is added, this means when the form is submitted, lead data is sent to this automation as input and flow with your automation plan.

You are all done! With this you are informing Optingun to send lead data form the selected resource/form to this automation you just created, and the technical job behind is taken care with our App

Happy growing with Optingun