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Optingun Integration with ConvertKit
  • Integrating your Optingun forms with ConvertKit is super easy, its takes only 3 steps to finish the whole process.
Step #1 : Get your ConvertKit API key
Go to your ConvertKit dashboard, and click on "Account" on top menu and then from the account page, copy the API Key
Step #2 : Save your API key in Optingun
Now in the admin area of Optingun, click on top hanburger icon to reveal menu, and click on "API configuration" from there, or click on "Connect your Apps" button from dashboard home page, you will land on API configuration page This page will list all the Apps, now click on ConvertKit icon, this action will display API key field, you need to put your ConvertKit key here and save the settings, make sure you are entering the key with out any extra characters or spaces
Step #3 : Add ConvertKit rule to your form
Go to your forms or create new form, and navigate to Integrations tab using the left side menu, and from email software selector, select ConvertKit, this will connect to ConvertKit in realtime and load all the forms that are available there, choose one and enter tags if you want to add them to your contacts(separated by comma) and click on "Add Integration" button, now you should see the rule description on right side tab, after this, update your form by clicking the green button on left side menu as shown in the picture below with numbering.
Your are ready
This is all you need to do to connect your forms with ConvertKit, enjoy using it.