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Freshdesk is this generation customer support system with ticketing, crm, inbuilt call and email facilities in same dashboard to combine all interactions with customers and taking support to next level.

Optingun is now offering quick integration with Freshdesk, with this you can create forms that will connect Freshdesk, say it is signup form or contact form that you create, you can connect these forms with Freshdesk so all the form submissions appear in Freshdesk as tickets.

Connecting your Optingun forms with Freshdesk system is very easy, we have inbuilt integration.

You need Freshdesk API Key and your Account instance URL saved in Optingun so it can connect API, your URL is what you use to login to Freshdesk, something like "". Now please go to Freshdesk to get your API key, go to Profile Settings from top right menu, in that Profile Settings page you will find API key.

Freshdesk URL is what you enter to login, if you are not clear on this then you can see this once you login to your Freshdesk.

Go to Profile Settings and you will find API key there

Now, lets see how to connect forms with Freshdesk, you can create new form or choose to edit any existing forms you have created, once you are on form builder, click on settings icon on top right menu and choose Integrations tab. All your active integrations and tools to integrate are listed here.

Click on Freshdesk icon from the App list there. If you have not connected your Freshdesk account yet then this will ask you for API details, if API details are already saved then it will go to next step.

Paste your Freshdesk domain and API Key, and click "Save and Connect Freshdesk", this will validate your API details.

Once you save, this will validate your API details and if they are correct it will connect to your account and show you integration options.

When someone submit this form, Optingun will create a ticket in your Freshdesk with the user details. You have option to set subject of ticket, ticket body will be whatever users submit on form. Also we have dynamic shortcodes for userdetails, if you want user name be added in ticket subject, you can use shortcode "user_name". after entering subject, please click Add Integration so your integration is added to this form and listed in Active Integrations.

All done, now click save form top right menu to save all your changes in your form.

Your form is connected to your Freshdesk, when this form is submitted, you will see a ticket with customer entered message on your Freshdesk.

Happy growing with Optingun