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Optingun Integration with Mautic
  • Integrating your Optingun forms with Mautic is super easy, its takes only 3 steps to finish the whole process.
    You could read the steps below to integrate Mautic or watch this 5 minute video

Step #1 : Enable Mautic API
Login to your Mauic Dashboard and click on Grea on the Top-Right corner, this will open a menu and click on "Configuration" there

Enable API switch there and save, leave it if already enabled
Step #2 : Create API Credentials
For secure authentication, Mautic offers OAuth, and we have two versions here
OAuth1(OAuth1.0a) - This method will give access tokens that wont expire so if you connect and authorize it once, it will work smoothly without any interruptions
OAuth2 - In this method, access token and refresh tokens will expire after certain time, lets say its 6 days, so the access you authorize today will expire next week and break your integration, you need to authorize it again after the expiry, so we use Oauth1 in our setup

Now click on the Top-Right corner Gear icon and choose "API Credentials" from the menu, this is the place where you will see all your API access credentials, we need to create new pair of API credentials for our integration
Click on "New" button on the top to create new API credentials
Then select OAuth1/OAuth1.0a as Protocol, and give it a name in the next field, and in the callback URL, enter this URL ""
After entering the above 3 inputs, click on "Apply" or "Save&Close" buttons to save this input and create fresh pair of API credentials, you will be redirected to a page with API Key(API Public Key) and Secret Key
Step #3 : Connect Mautic API
Now go to API Configuration and clicck on Mautic and enter the 3 fields required there #1. Your Mautic URL - this is the URL of your Mautic installation, you can find this by going to your Mautic, then Click on Top-Right gear icon, choose Configuration and in that page, you will see your site URL, copy that URL from that page and input in site URL field for Optingun API Configuration page #2 Grab your API credentials -> Click on Top-right Gear icon and go to API credentials page, and you will see the API pair you just created there, copy Publick Key& Secret Key from that page and input them on Optingun API configuration page

Now hit Connect button there, it will take you to Mautic page and ask you to login and authenticate, click "Accept" in the authorization page, and you will be redirected back to Optingun API page with success message
Your mautic integration is ready, you can use Mautic integrations now to send leads from Optingun forms to Mautic automatically