Using our secured data sharing technology, we pre-fill your forms with visitor name, email and phone so for visitors it's just a click to signup on your form

Make it ultra-easy for visitors to signup by filling the forms with visitor's name and email so it is just a button click for them to complete the signup process.
So when the form is displayed, it already contains their name and email, just a click on button to signup.

To make the option process 100% friction free, we created a secured global data technology, where we save visitor details form their first signup on any website that is powered by Optingun, and we serve that data for the same user if they are visiting any website form by Optingun, so in simple terms we prefill the forms with user data if available in our global share network and resulting the optin process just with in a click.

You can enable or disable this feature from Admin advanced section with a flip of switch and your forms become smart forms. Here is screenshot how it looks in admin to enable the setting.

Speaking about the security, we wont share these data with any others and we only save this information in visitors browser so there is no question of data leak, we also dont offer auto signups, users will have to click a button atleast to finish the signup process for making it authentic information.

To test this how it works, signup for any form that is powered by Optingun and load your form now, the details you filled in your first form will appear on your form fields now, it works from domain to any domain so data is shared over the network and with the visitors browser.