One-click signups with social accounts and get links to their social profiles & "No need to create Facebook/Google/LinkedIn Apps - It just works"

Using Social Signups, now you can allow your visitors signup on your forms using their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn accounts so the entire process is in few clicks and results 100% authentic leads.

Connecting business with social media will open unseen possibilities, building brand in social media isnt easy these days with out expensive advertising, we built a technology that will help you build your leads in social way and have channels to communicate them via social channels.

Using Optingun Social Signup technology, you can now create forms where visitors can signup using their Facebook, Google, LinkedIn accounts and the entire process of old-fashion signup process is now just in a few clicks, this is reducing the friction in optin process to a record minimum level and improving conversions effectively.

Another benifit of Social Optin feature is that all leads captured via this are 100% authentic, as we are collecting their emails from their social channels, we are collecting emails of what they user frequently and also we link their social profiles in the dashboard so you can reach them and say hi directly once they signup.

Beauty is here, all this is possible with out creating any Apps, right, you dont need to create Facebook or Google or LinkedIn apps to use this feature, it just works out of the box, all you need is to enable these social buttons on your form with a toggle and you are ready to rock.

This is how it looks and how simple it is in admin area to enable these buttons, just a flip of toggle switch and you are on social fire.

And when you capture leads using social signup forms, you will see them like the above screenshot, and we get you their social profile links on your dashboard so you can reach them directly and greet them to add extra value to the relation.